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Iris + Rosehips Bath Soak

Iris + Rosehips Bath Soak

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This exotic mixture of rosehips, jasmine, and hand-harvested French grey salt from Guérande, France (using techniques passed down for over 200 years!) will pamper your skin like nothing else. These crystals are loaded with minerals and clay known for their luxurious feel, while the rosehip oil and dried pieces provide a bounty of antioxidants and fatty acids to deeply nourish your skin. Take a break and soak yourself in the luxurious benefits of Iris + Rosehips Bath Soak!


INGREDIENTS French Grey Salt 1, Epsom Salt, Jojoba Seed Oil 1, Rosehip Oil 1, Rosehip Powder 1, Bergaptene Free Bergamot Oil 1, Lavender Oil 1, Jasmine Extract 1, Tea Tree Leaf Oil 1,2. 1. Certified Organic 2. Certified Fair Trade

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