Our Mission: 

To inspire a lifestyle that’s free from the distracting and unessential, one that promotes a path towards creativity, community and sustainability.

The Vision: Our brand Pillars

Inspiration from the past. Community for the present. Sustainability for the future.



At Keeper we believe that vintage clothing and beautiful objects are an avenue for self-exploration, inspiration and creativity and that you're more likely to care for and keep something that inspires a memory, person or experience.



At Keeper we aspire to build a community around the slow fashion and sustainability movement. Join us in this effort by participating in our upcoming local events from clothing swaps, vintage markets, to pop-ups! Or by signing up for a workshop.

Keeper pledges to give back to our community through a variety of local environmental and charitable organizations. We proudly signed our support for the Door County Sustainability Pledge. We encourage our visitors to consider taking the pledge here.


"In a society that is hell-bent on throwing, keeping is the ultimate act of rebellion"  - Orsola de Castro Co-founder of Fashion Revolution

Today's landfills are overflowing with last seasons impulse purchases and fast fashions "trends"--At Keeper we aspire to fill your life with goods to keep, because something truly sustainable is designed and created to last.
Read more about why the care and keeping of our purchases is essential to a sustainable future.

Beyond the store and the products that line our shelves, Keeper is committed to hosting events that promote a conscious/sustainable lifestyle.
Click in to sign up for workshops during your visit where we discuss how to: create a capsule wardrobe style vintage into your wardrobe and make-do and mend.

We hold dear the belief that it's cool to be kind to our planet and encourage mindful shopping.