In Keeping: Lauren Landa

In Keeping: Lauren Landa

With every new brand we introduce to KEEPER, it is our aim to spark inspiration by investing in and showcasing conscious creators and ethically made wares. Each brand we bring in store, echoes our commitment to a more sustainable future. 

We're thrilled to be working with Lauren Landa, a Wisconsin based silversmith who creates incredible jewelry from sterling silver and beautiful hand set stones and gems. Based out of Milwaukee, Lauren crafts each piece by hand. 

Teardrop Opal Pendant by Lauren Landa

Abalone Signet Rings by Lauren Landa 

We love the organic shapes, colorful opals and use of nature in Laurens designs. 

Silver Shell Threader Pair by Lauren Landa

Organic Stacker Rings by Lauren Landa 

Turbo Shell Danglers by Lauren Landa

Take a peek at the entire collection in store or online now. 
To learn more about Lauren Landa visit her Instagram profile here.

In Keeping is a monthly blog series that dives deeper into the ethos of the brands we carry at KEEPER and the new pieces we have in store.

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