In Keeping: World Of Crow

In Keeping: World Of Crow

With every new brand we introduce to KEEPER, it is our aim to spark inspiration by investing in and showcasing conscious creators and ethically made wares. Each piece we bring in store, echoes our commitment to a more sustainable future. 

Dark Olive Padded Jacket from World Of Crow

This week, we're thrilled to announce a new brand to KEEPER: World Of Crow. Crow is a women-owned contemporary fashion brand founded in 2011 by Shaila Khubchandani. Beacause of their passion for textiles and deep appreciation for the beauty and skill of handwoven fabrics, Shaila sought to bring those unique and gorgeous fabrics to the world through WOC. At the heart of Crow is a relentless pursuit of environmentally conscious design and production. Each creation symbolizes a commitment to the planet, crafting heirloom quality pieces in perfect synergy with the natural world. 

The Block-Printed Indigo Skirt

The Block Print Cotton Bandana by World Of Crow

"At the core of Crow lies a commitment to sustainability, with a focus on handwoven fabrics as the most eco-friendly method of material production. Our textiles are crafted by local artisanal weavers and are biodegradable by nature." - WOC

Some of our favorite designs include the free flowing midi dresses, available in indigo, black, and the iconic 'pride of crow' design. Crafted from artisanal hand-woven cotton, each piece exudes unique charm and unmistakable quality.

We love that these pieces are designed intentionally to fit a variety of body types comfortably. They are all meant to be free-flowing and to move with you! 

Read more about World Of Crow on their website

In Keeping is a monthly blog series that dives deeper into the ethos of the brands we carry at KEEPER and the new pieces we have in store.

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