In Keeping: Ollie Blossom

In Keeping: Ollie Blossom

Introducing a new monthly blog series that dives deeper into the ethos of the brands we carry and the new pieces we have in store at KEEPER. In Keeping posts will highlight new products on our shelves with an up-close look at the brand and why we adore them!

So lets dive right in! 

Serene Bath SoakReflect and bring awareness to your surroundings. In a bath, dissolve the salts, breathe in and relax.

We're really excited to have added a new brand to our lineup at KEEPER: Ollie Blossom.  We were instantly smitten with their product line and its super cute packaging, not to mention their awesome philosophy. As their tag-line puts it, 'an ode to slow living,' this phrase encompasses what we strive for and are inspired by at KEEPER.

As a company that started during the pandemic, Ollie Blossom noticed that people weren't taking time for their mental health, so they wanted to create a product line that emphasized living in the moment and giving each-other the chance to take a break and slow down. 

Floral Rituals Facial Steam
 use the healing power of flowers to gently purify, reduce inflammation, & hydrate your skin, unveiling a nourished complexion.

Ollie Blossom is also an eco-friendly company, which means all of their items, including packaging at KEEPER are compostable. Simply use up the product and they go back into the earth, where they came from. ❤️

New Moon Bath Soak
This unique blend of Charged Dead Sea Salts, Colloidal Oatmeal, Epsom Salt, and Lavender essential oil is designed to help you reflect and let go. Simply write your intentions down on the included paper, and watch it dissolve in the bath as you soak and release.

To learn more about Ollie Blossom and their products, visit the brands page here.

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