In Keeping: LENORA Organics

In Keeping: LENORA Organics

With every new brand we introduce to KEEPER, it is our aim to spark inspiration by investing in and showcasing conscious creators and ethically made wares. Each brand we bring in store, echoes our commitment to a more sustainable future. 


This month we're excited to introduce you to the organic skincare brand LENORA Organics. Nestled on beautiful Lake Superior in Superior, Wisconsin, LENORA products are crafted with care to feed your skin with certified organic flowers and herbs, all lovingly packaged in eco-friendly materials.

Organic Face Masks - LENORA Organics

 The name LENORA stems from the founders Norwegian Grandmother "She was the most lovely person, and her spirit lives through all the products." - Jennifer Founder

Organic Lip Tint - LENORA Organics

LENORA crafts its products in small batches. On a quest for a natural and uncomplicated alternative to todays mainstream skincare products (most laden with artificial ingredients and chemicals) LENORA founder delved into the realm of organic herbs + flower blends. It turned out simplicity was the key ingredient. Today, LENORA is crafted with mindful, simple, and effective certified organic ingredients.

Lotion Stick - Lavender - LENORA Organics

 Shared values: LENORA loves to use glass bottles, jars and paperboard containers, all eco-friendly alternatives to usual product packaging. They are also  continuously trying to improve their carbon footprint. We can attest to their beautiful packaging not only in their products but also in how their packages were shipped, using only eco-friendly, zero waste materials. The fact that LENORA is Wisconsin based is just icing on the cake as far as we're concerned! 

Lavender Chai Lip Balm - LENORA Organics

We hope you get a chance to try one of LENORA Organics products when you visit KEEPER. Just ask and we are happy to show you a tester or sample. All LENORA items are currently available on our website for your browsing pleasure. 


In Keeping is a monthly blog series that dives deeper into the ethos of the brands we carry at KEEPER and the new pieces we have in store.

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